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Picture above was taken
by Norwegian journalist
Sverre B. Graff
during Operation Red Eye
to Seljordsvattnet 2004




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BREAKING NEWS on February 9

The world's marine biologist's are forced to admit:
We haven't got a clue what's under the world sea's, both sea serpents and Megalodon could be hiding down there!

Ian Fleming was right when he coined these famous words: Never say never again. Snotty Ben S. Roesch was wrong, when this joke of a biologist said that no sea serpents could ever be found and that Megalodon is nowhere in sight, because world seas are so thoroughly mapped. They're not, we have just learned. And the scientific establishment themselves has been forced to admit it. The picture at the top shows USS San Francisco, the US submarine that hit an underwater mountain and revealed that world seas are not mapped.
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Lake Seljordsvatnet has seen another land sighting:
Selma seen on land resembled a giant anaconda according to witnesses
Already on a video taken in August 1999 we have seen that Selma resembles a giant anaconda, 10 to 15 meters long. In the Summer of 2001 Selma was once again seen on land by a father and son from Oslo. Also this time it was described as a giant anaconda, a sea serpent in the full sense of that word and now GUST has a more advanced theory than before, about what is hiding in Lake Seljordsvatnet, Norway.
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Lizard, fish or in between:
Couple in Central Sweden found unidentified animal among frozen shrimps

It was one of our cryptozoology students who reported this to GUST and a local newspaper broke the news: "When Karin and Kenneth Palmqvist was half way through their bonus pack with frozen shrimps they found a strange animal. The creature reassembled a crocodile with large upper eyes, behind the head and the gills are two fins that look like they are developing into tiny legs".
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Case solved:
Japanese student admits to GUST
the amphibian Diplocaulus was a model he made!
In November last year Professor Patrick J. Schembri, at the Department of Biology at the University of Malta received the picture to the right by email. The amphibian was said to have been found at excavations in Bahrija on Malta's western coast. World sensation or hoax? Neither. A Japanese student tracked down by GUST admits he made the Diplocaulus, which was never meant to fool anyone.
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This is how animals survived the South East Asian tsunami:
They have sensors in their feet and can be reached by inaudible warning signals
Elephants wailed and cried. An hour later, when the enormous wave was getting closer, they started to trumpet high and loud and ran towards the mountains, saving both their own lives and the live of many of the tourists, mostly Scandinavians and Germans.
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The Scotsmen has laughed for month on end:
The late US President Bill Clinton spent $30 million dollars to catch Nessie

American media revealed at the end of last year that Bill Clinton, the President without pants as he was once called during his time in the White House, gave orders to a bizarre spy organization to try and contact Nessie with telepathy! The operation is said to have coasted American tax payers $30 million dollars. The Scotsmen has laughed about this for month on end and now see Americans as totally mad.
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New animals in Third World countries are kept in the dark:
Scientist's from Bangladesh claims that giant prehistoric lizard has been found in their country

Unknown lizards found in the swamps of Bangladesh has reportedly been such a chock to western scientist's, that they have called for a total blackout of them! The grotesque, highly strange and "almost unearthly" lizards, as a scientist puts it, seems to be survivors from the mesozoic era, but this has not been acknowledged either.
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Cryptozoology's enemies now has a face:
Ben S. Roesch is a snotty little coward who get off by criticizing the cryptozoological community
The only magazine in the entire world that sets an honor in publishing the latest broadside by the most shameful biologist who's ever seen the daylight in Canada, is the Fortean Times, a garbage bin that once was a both readable and enjoyable salute to forteana. Ben S. Roesch refused to be interviewed by GUST but is only flogging his own back because he need us cryptozoologist's to continue with his charade.
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Primitive fishes could explain certain lake monsters:
Is Nessie a sturgeon, Storsie a catfish and Selma the ancient Jaymoytius kerwoodi?

Fish has been found everywhere there is water. They live in the worlds deepest trenches where darkness is total and in small creeks far up in the Andes. They can be found inside the earth, they dig themselves into the mud, and they climb on to land and up into trees: some fishes can even fly a certain distance. There are now 20.000 living species of fish - is it primitive fishes that for such a long time has eluded cryptozoologist's in Loch Ness, Lake Storsjon, Lake Seljordsvattnet and many other "monster" lakes throughout the world?
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Allan Gross & Jerry Carr present
It's a new American comic book about cryptozoology

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